Thanks Albany!
We assembled 2,000 kits!

Gather4Good® is a service project for all ages that unites communities in the Upper Midwest in caring and compassion. Together in Albany on Oct. 10th, 2021 we assembled kits of personal care items that will be distributed through local shelters, ministries and charities that help families in need due to homelessness, poverty and natural disasters.

Event Schedule

Oct. 10th schedule will go as follows:
  • 10:30 - Mass
  • 11:30 - Registration Opens
  • 12:00 - Kit Assembly Begins
  • 1:30 - Kit Assembly Ends
  • 1:30 Estate Planning Workshop

Gather4Good Location:
Seven Dolors Catholic Church

Our Gather4Good location in Albany is located off of Church Ave. near the Albany Golf Club. We’d like to thank the leadership of Seven Dolors Parish and the Harvest of Hope Catholic Community for serving as our helpful host at this Gather4Good event.

Google address: 151 2nd St South  Albany, MN 

Learn more at

Your local Sales Representatives are helping to make this event and other fundraising and service opportunities possible in this area. You are invited to get to know them.
Catholic United Sales Representative Dean Demarais

Dean serves the areas of Albany, Cold Spring, Avon, Collegeville and nearby. Click here to view his web site.

Greg is the manager of the Central region. Click here to view his web page.

Partners Receiving Kits 


Overcomers International Fellowship 

Place of Hope

Salvation Army 

Boys and Girls Club of Central MN 

St. Cloud State’s Project Connect 


St. Joseph’s Church in St. Joseph, MN 

Sharing and Caring Hands