What is...
Gather4Good In A Box - a smaller scale service opportunity for your group or club

In recognition of our 10th anniversary in helping local communities alleviate the affects of homelessness and poverty, Gather4Good® is introducing Gather4Good In a Box to Catholic United Volunteer Teams and Councils. This is a new program that brings a scaled-down version of our service event to members and volunteers who want to serve their communities in this way.

Gather4Good® will provide your group or club with a Gather4Good In a Box Kit which includes:

  • promotional materials to help you advertise your event
  • T-shirts for volunteers
  • an event registration form online
  • staff member to assist with event coordination

You will partner with Gather4Good® staff to:

  • coordinate the event location
  • distribute provided materials to promote the event locally
  • purchase supplies to assemble 250 total kits (Catholic United will supply the other 250)
  • coordinate the delivery of completed kits back to your local charity partners
  • select volunteers to handle registration and coordination of the service event components (tables, chairs, kit materials, etc.)
  • provide volunteers with optional refreshments and entertainment (such as music, a movie or crafts)

We are setting a goal of reaching 50,000 kits in 2020; that’s 50,000 kits in 10 years for our 10th anniversary.

Can you help us? We’re looking for 6 Volunteer Teams or Councils to host Gather4Good In A Box at their school or parish and assemble 500 kits at each event. The event will be scheduled when it best fits into the activity calendar of your Team or Council.

Note: Application to program does not guarantee selection.

The story of a care kit begins with you, the donor. Your donation provides the funds we need to purchase the personal care items that comprise a care kit. We ship the supplies to the Gather4Good® event sites across the Upper Midwest. At an event, a volunteer steps up to the assembly line and opens a drawstring bag. As the volunteer walks through the line, he or she takes an individual personal care item, like soap, a toothbrush, comb and lotion, and combines these into the bag.

Before the bag is closed, the volunteer sits at a table and writes out a note of encouragement to the future recipient of this bag…a note that lets that person know the volunteer cares about them, even though they will never meet. 

Then the bag is placed with others and picked up by the staff of a local charity for distribution to families and people who are waiting for new a job, a shelter from abuse, or a safe place to live after a natural disaster.

Gather4Good In a Box is sponsored by Catholic United Financial, a financial products company that transforms profits from the sale of life insurance, annuities and retirement products into programs that support and amplify your Catholic community’s ability to thrive and grow.

Learn more at www.catholicunitedfinancial.org