St. Henry’s Catholic School is located on 2nd St southwest.

St. Henry’s currently enrolls students pre-school to 6th grade, and has been serving the community since 1883.

Facilities include: bathrooms, water fountain, playground, picnic tables, and on site parking.

Event Schedule

The day’s schedule will go as follows:

This event is sponsored by Catholic United Financial, a financial products company that transforms profits from the sale of life insurance, annuities and retirement products into programs that support and amplify your Catholic community’s ability to thrive and grow.

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Your local Sales Representatives are helping to make this event and other fundraising and service opportunities possible in this area. You are invited to get to know them.
Becky King, FIC Sales Representative

Becky serves the areas of Detroit Lakes, Perham, Fergus Falls and nearby. Click here to view her web page.

Cameron Wolf, Regional Manager

Cameron is the manager of the North region. Click here to view his web page.