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Charities and agencies that have partnered with Gather4Good® to help us unite communities in caring and compassion.

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What our partners are saying…

Linda Jensen, Church Relations and Planned Giving Development Officer of Lutheran Social Service of South Dakota, described her experience at the Gather4Good event in Yankton, S.D. on Oct. 2nd, 2016.

“The items for the kits were put in drawstring bags, and then packed in empty sand bags for distribution. LSS was blessed to receive 740 of those kits, valued at $5,550. There were so many that they didn’t fit in the SUV I drove to the event… Thanks to all the volunteers who came that day to assemble the care kits, and to all the Catholic United Financial staff for organizing a great event.”

Gather4Good® is a program operated and sponsored by Catholic United Financial, a financial products company that transforms profits from the sale of life insurance, annuities and retirement products into programs that support and amplify your Catholic community’s ability to thrive and grow.

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