New video highlights heart and soul of our service events

“It’s important in our world to have companies that care about people and Catholic United Financial definitely does that.”

A new video highlighting the record-breaking 2018 activities of Gather4Good is available to view. Thanks to all of our Perham volunteers for their excellent work at our October event. 

Gather4Good® is sponsored by Catholic United Financial

Based in St. Paul, Minn., Catholic United Financial is a life insurance and financial products cooperative serving 80,000 Catholics in the Upper Midwest since 1878. As a not-for-profit, Catholic United transforms its profits into purpose, bringing together members, employees and community volunteers to pursue its mission through local grants, post-secondary education scholarships, service opportunities and more. For more information about Catholic United Financial, its Foundation or Credit Union, call 651-490-0170, 1-888-568-6670 or visit us online at